Downe House UK

Downe House UK is a world-class international school and one of the most famous girls’ schools in the country. It is the school of choice for British and international royal families and nobility.

The Founding School – Downe House UK

Families from all over the world send their children to Downe House UK.  The School has created a global network of 3,000 women of whom many are well-known world figures, including Lady Gabriella Windsor, Dame Alice Rosemary Murray (the first, female Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University) and members of the Saudi, Malaysian and Belgian royal families.

Outstanding Results

Downe House consistently ranks within the top 2% of independent schools in the UK. It surpasses other high achievers such as Harrow, Wellington, Dulwich and Rugby.  Downe House is often described as the Eton of the girls’ schools.

In 2020, 100% of the IGCSE grades for Downe House girls were in the range A* to C, with 90% at either A* or A. Likewise, in the same year, 96% of the A-Level grades were between A* and B, with 83% awarded at either A* or A.

World Ranking Universities

Pupils leave Downe House to take up places at top universities in the UK and across the world, including the USA and Canada. In 2020, over 89% of the girls went to top Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Other top-ranked universities were represented, including Harvard, Princeton, and Brown.

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Our History

Downe House was founded in 1907 by Olive Willis in Kent and moved to Cold Ash in 1922. Since then the School has grown and evolved whilst staying true to its founding principles. Found out more about our history.

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