Life at Downe House Muscat

Life at Downe House Muscat offers warmth, excitement, and opportunity. Each girl is an individual, with unique ambitions, goals, and interests. However, the universal themes of challenge and activity play a major role in daily school life.

There is no typical day at Downe House Muscat

Girls at Downe House will journey through stages of development and discover their individuality.

Whether a swimmer with a love for science, or an actress who wants to start learning Spanish, we know that providing each girl with every opportunity to succeed is what makes Downe House Muscat so special. With an exceptional range of extra-curricular opportunities to complement the academic curriculum, as well as outstanding pastoral care, Downe House girls can discover, nurture and invest in their talent and passion.

Whilst most schools in Oman finish teaching at 1:30pm, Downe House Muscat offers an extended school day until 4:30pm. Sports, performing arts, hobby clubs, enrichment lectures and talks are some of the diverse range of activities available. This ensures that every girl can benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum and has the opportunity to pursue interests beyond the classroom.

A partnership with parents

Whilst girls are supported by a network of staff across the school, we know that parents are vital in the partnership needed to make the most of Downe House life.

Effective and regular communication is the key to building important relationships within any community. At Downe House Muscat we aim to harness our relationship with parents through the following:

  • Regular and detailed reports on your child’s academic progress and pastoral matters.
  • Termly Parents’ Meetings which give you the opportunity to formally discuss your daughter’s progress with her teachers.
  • Many opportunities for parents to support you daughter’s activities – from sports matches to music, drama and dance performances.

Admissions Enquiries

The best way to find out more about Downe House Muscat, is to contact our Team.