Your Admissions Journey

The Admissions team at Downe House Muscat will support every family throughout their journey from an initial interest in the school to an enrolled pupil. We will ensure that all pupils and their families receive all the support they need, at every step of the way.

The Process

Any stage of the process below can be conducted online or in person – in Muscat, and with you from wherever you are in the world.

There are five steps to the process:

Step 1: Enquiry

A pupil’s parent reaches out to the Admission team to let them know they may be interested in applying to the school. This can be done by email, phone call, via the website, WhatsApp or through one of our social media channels. After making an initial enquiry, a member of the Admissions team will be in contact to arrange a meeting with the Principal and/or the Head of Admissions.


Step 2: Application

Following the initial meeting, the family will be invited to submit an application form. The pupil and their parent(s) complete the application process using our simple online form. The Admissions team will then be in touch to book an assessment. At this point we ask for important documentation, including school reports and family identification, where applicable.


Step 3: Assessment

We invite all potential pupils to Downe House Muscat for an evaluation based on their age and stage of education. Pupils will sit a one-two hour assessment in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, as well as a short creative writing task. They will also have a short 1:1 interview and group workshop session with the Principal, a Senior Teacher and/or one of the Admissions team.


Step 4: Offer

Within a few days, the Admissions team will be in touch with the family to discuss the results of the assessment. Following this discussion, the school will then send a formal offer in writing which will include details of the deposit required to secure the place, key dates and additional information that will be helpful for families when making their decision.


Step 5: Enrolled

On formal acceptance of the offer (payment of deposit and signed acceptance), Downe House Muscat will welcome you, and enrol the candidate as a new pupil. This then leads to a series of events and processes to initiate and integrate each pupil and their parents into the wider Downe House Family – as preparation for a smooth transition and a positive start at the school.


Helpful guide to Grades and Years at Downe House Muscat:

Downe House Muscat uses ‘Grades’ as the children move through the school. Here is a guide to help you to understand the correlation between Grades and Years, using the 13-year UK education system model.

Grade 5 = Year 6
Grade 6 = Year 7
Grade 7 = Year 8
Grade 8 = Year 9

IGCSE years:
Grade 9 = Year 10
Grade 10 = Year 11(from 2023 onwards)

A Level years:
Grade 11 = Year 12
Grade 12 = Year 13 (from 2023 onwards)

Pupils should be sitting their IGCSE at age 15/16 and their A Levels at age 17/18. 

The Admissions team will happily guide you and answer any questions you may have on the entry point for your daughter.