Upper School (Grades 8, 9 and 10)

An environment where girls receive guidance and support as they learn to take academic responsibility and develop self-confidence and determination.

Encouraging Ownership at Downe House – The Upper School

The Upper School at Downe House Muscat offers your daughter a personalised, inspiring, and academically rigorous education.

Moving into the Upper School means encouraging your daughter to discover her individuality and gain independence, while providing a clear framework of rules, expectations, and responsibilities. Each girl is guided to make decisions about what academic subjects she would like to study at IGCSE and beyond. School life is by no means limited to the academic sphere. Girls participate in a broad range of extra-curricular clubs and activities, helping them to develop new skills and interests. Our provision allows your daughter to flourish as an independent young woman, building strong friendships and finding her own place in the vibrant Downe House Muscat community. The Downe House team is committed to empowering your daughter and helping her develop a sense of independence, self-confidence, and determination. The team provides personal support to each girl as she navigates examinations and an important phase of personal growth.

During your daughter’s time in the Upper School she will be supported to make decisions about subjects to study at A Level in our Sixth Form. Through our Higher Education Programme, we also ensure girls start considering further education options and careers that they may wish to pursue on graduating from Downe House Muscat.

Sixth Form (Grades 11 – 12 )

At the age of 16, girls move into the Sixth Form, an experience designed to prepare girls for a life beyond Downe House Muscat. The Sixth Form at Downe House Muscat aims to create a culture which will inspire your daughter to reach her very best academically, but also find personal fulfilment, experience the joy of in-depth learning and have the confidence and ambition to aim for the highest possible standards she can achieve.

Making decisions about the future is a complex and daunting task for anyone, but the key to success lies in making informed decisions. To enable girls to choose a course, a career or an alternative pathway, Downe House Muscat offers Sixth Form girls a comprehensive higher education and careers guidance programme specifically tailored to your daughter’s individual needs.

Upper School Admissions

Upper School Admissions

We are currently accepting applications for the 2021/2022 academic year for Grade 8 (ages 13 – 14). Our Grade 9 to Grade 12 classes (ages 14 – 18) are opening soon. Please contact us for more information.