Pastoral care

Pastoral care is our strength. It underpins all aspects of Downe House Muscat life. Girls are encouraged and supported to succeed academically whilst feeling secure and developing self-respect and compassion for others.

All-girls’ Environment

The school’s all-girls’ environment will use the foundations of Downe House UK’s approach to each pupil’s welfare. Built on the expertise of more than 112 years, traditional and culturally-sensitive values are upheld balanced seamlessly with modern educational standards. This blend of traditional and modern, offers your daughter a safe, nurturing environment. The girls will be allowed to develop as individuals, in a supportive and empowering way, with learning and pastoral care tailored to the way we know girls learn thrive from as a result. Each pupil’s wellbeing is at the core of all that we do.

Developing Self-Worth

Enabling your daughter to develop a real sense of self-worth and self-confidence is extremely important to us. We want them to have a strong set of values, be ambitious and be compassionate so they can make a positive contribution to the world around them.

From a young age, pupils at Downe House are taught how to recognise their emotions and become empowered to make good, well-informed choices and take responsibility for their actions. Our pupils learn specific techniques to support optimal mental health, such as mindfulness, journal writing and developing a positive growth mindset. They learn the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body, through the decisions that they make and the habits that they form.

We believe that wellbeing and self-worth are best achieved through strong pastoral structures and by a close partnership between school and home.

Individual Support

Girls enjoy the care and support of their tutors who appreciate the importance of creating a happy and safe environment for their pupils.

In Grade 4, class teachers and form tutors provide personalised support and guidance and are matched with pupils at each stage of the school based on their experience and expertise.From Grade 5, tutors provide personalised support and guidance and are matched with pupils at each stage of the school based on their experience and expertise.

Every pupil meets with their tutor regularly to review their personal and academic wellbeing and progress – this opportunity to talk 1:1 plays a very important part in making sure that every pupil is on track. The Head of Year also works very closely with each girl’s tutor and her teachers to ensure that we have an in-depth 360-degree view of her needs and progress.

Individualised tutoring ensures there is a personal spotlight on getting to know each pupil from the day she begins her educational journey at Downe House Muscat. Girls always know that there is a member of staff on-hand to support them – they are their personal champion.

Highly Trained Staff

All staff at Downe House Muscat receive training in pastoral care, with each pupil being an active member of a tutor hub. We recognise that the most effective way to ensure that every pupil fulfils her potential is to ensure she feels happy, safe and supported. Tutors, subject teachers, heads of year and the wider school community work closely with parents to make sure that each pupil feels supported from the first day they start at Downe House Muscat.

Prayer Rooms

The school includes includes dedicated Prayer Rooms with ablution facilities, ensuring girls have good access to prayer facilities throughout the day.

Admissions Enquiries

Admissions Enquiries

The best way to find out more about Downe House Muscat is to arrange a call with our team.